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Why Volunteer?

Do you want to help your community?  Learn new skills?  Maybe try something new?  Being a volunteer at Mohawk Valley Fire may just be the answer!  There is no experience required, and we provide all training needed to be a firefighter or emergency services provider.

When a resident of the Mohawk Valley has an emergency, Mohawk Valley Fire is always there to respond.  But did you know we are a mostly volunteer department?  Our staff is currently at Station 1 off of Marcola Rd Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 5:00.  During the hours of the evening and the weekends, our stations are not staffed.  While we do have resident volunteers that live at the station, as well as staff that respond after hours on their own time, it is the volunteers that respond from their homes that we rely on to answer these emergency calls.  

We are always looking for hard-working individuals with a positive attitude and a desire to help others to join our team.  If this sounds like you and you want to learn more, contact us at (541) 933-2907 or email Faith Huff at to schedule a tour or ask any questions you may have.